Page Number Help

I have a somewhat odd request. I’m compiling an anthology that includes prose and poetry. My main sticking point is coming to page numbers. Here are my settings:
[attachment=0]Screenshot at Sep 16 19-58-16.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=1]Screenshot at Sep 16 19-58-36.jpg[/attachment]

I am using single pages to separate the prose from the poetry, and those pages don’t need to be numbered. They aren’t blank, as I am using the text to signify the new sections. However, this is making most of the poetry print without page numbers as most are one page only, like the separators. This doesn’t cause problems with the prose sections, as all are over one page.

Is there a way to force page numbers based on section/section layout? Or is there a way to force page numbers in a footer in the editor/text? I tried the Section Suffix, but that didn’t help.

Are the single page separators part of the same document in the Binder as the poetry? If they were then the no header/footer on first pages might work for you. If they are documents of their own it is more difficult. Could they be blank? I think if you look at the options you’ve got in page Settings and see how you could adapt the structure of the project in the Binder to get what you need to happen, you might find a solution. It’s difficult to comment any more specifically without seeing the project.

All of the text is a separate document. This lets me create a good table of contents and the document name is the name that prints on the page. I see where using just certain parts might make the pages come in. I will have to test this. Thanks!