Page Number problem

Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread. I did a search but couldn’t find this specific issue, so here goes.

I am trying to compile a PDF for Createspace. I have no problems doing what needs doing, it all looks gorgeous. The problem is, chapter one is numbered as page 7. It’s counting the front matter (bad) but not numbering those pages (good). I cannot seem to get the story to start on Page 1, though. (to clarify, the story is numbered page 7 instead of page 1; it is not starting the story 7 pages in).

Any thoughts would be great.


Take a look in the “Page Settings” pane of Compile, in the “First Pages” tab. Is “Page numbers count first pages” ticked?

I’ve tried with and without that option ticked. Same results.

Problem fixed. Jeff in tech support told me to uncheck “Page
numbers count first pages” and to set “Start regular header and footer”
to “Automatic” or Page 7 or 8. I unchecked that box and set to page 7 and it worked like a charm.

Thanks KB for the suggestion. We were half way there. :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.
All the best,

I’m trying to compile books for smashwords already and successfully uploaded for Amazon, but I’ve got unwanted page numbers in the word version. Will they disappear at some point? Will applying the answer to Page Number problem deal with my difficulty too? Forgive my lack of know-how with all of this - it’s all to do with my advanced age! Gwendolinee

Where are the unwanted page numbers appearing?

Numbers appear from second page (after title page) and continue throughout manuscript. I’d expected pages would remain unnumbered, the same as compiling for Amazon, so I’m flustered.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Take a look in the “Page Settings” pane of Compile. There must be a page number (the “<$p>” tag) added to the header somewhere. Be sure to check both the “Header and Footer” and “First Pages” tabs for all the settings there.

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I’ve checked page settings as you suggested. There is a tick against “not on page one”, and “squiggle p” tag beside both header and footer that I can’t delete.
Please help. Gwendolinee

Okay - success. I’ve managed to delete the page number thingy - now I’ve got another problem.
I’ve had assistance from Windows Support with removing right-indent. This means I’ve been able to correct two full manuscripts. It’s the third that’s stubborn. For one thing the indent marker disappears sporadically so there’s nowhere to go, worse it doesn’t respond when I deselect it.
I was given a procedure, tools > options to Documents>convert>formatting to default text style to default settings to them, but dire warnings appear on the screen so I’m frightened to go further.