Page number problems

Hi ,and thanks for your patience with me. I have quickly become a Scrivener power-user–it is amazing software. I have a question however.

I have all my chapters set up as different folders. And i have every scene in book as separate text documents in each chapter folder (i’m super OCD about this, lol.)

For reasons that i cannot explain, when i compile the entire doc (edit: into MS WORD) my page numbering seems to “re-set” after the first chapter. In other words, the first chapter folder produces pages 1-6. and then the second chapter starts over at page 1.

thing is, the chapter 1/2 break is the only time this happens. after chapter 2, it’s a nice, pretty, continuous flow of properly numbered pages.

have i clicked a setting somewhere in the compiling, or wherever–?



What format are you compiling to?

And what selections do you have for Page Settings?

Slàinte mhòr.

this solved my problem! thanks for the help!

Good news.

Slàinte mhòr.