Page numbering by section

I’ve been trying to figure out how to page number multiple sections differently, but without much luck. I have looked at page settings/header tokens/sectional page headers, but somehow don’t see how to simply apply different page headers to different sections when compiling.

For example, for my dissertation; I’d like to export it as a pdf, and would like to page number the first block of pages (pre-body stuff, all in one folder) with roman numerals (which yes, I do see the token for), but I want to page number the remainder of the document with standard numbering. As far as I can see in the page settings though, other than skipping first pages, and pages after breaks, I simply cannot see a way to restart numbering after a given section/folder etc.

I must be just overlooking something!

Incidentally, I’m looking for a way to do a similar thing with line numbers (either/both viewing and compiling - and not just between hard returns; each actual line…)

Have a look at Help > Placeholder Tags List…

There is a token for restarting numbering but I can’t remember exactly what it is: something like $rst …