Page numbering in front matter

I am in the final stages of an academic thesis in Scrivener and have just set up front matter eg. title page, acknowledgements, abstract, TOC. I have set up page numbering in the header and what I see on compile to rtf is that the front matter (11 pages) is un-unumbered, with the header first appearing on the first page of the actual content and displaying p. 12.

I guess I can live with that - but what I would really like is a way of allocating page numbers to the front matter using lower-case Roman numerals i, ii, iii etc., with the first page of the content numbered as p.1.

Is this possible, alternatively could I start numbering just from the first page of the Introduction and later add the front matter pagination manually?


Yes, we can accommodate what you’re looking for:

In the Page Settings compile option pane, you’ll find a tab, “First Pages”. Click that, and make sure Different first pages header/footer is checked (set whether to count the initial pages for the main counter is an option here, if you want 1 instead of 12, turn that off). Then make sure the setting for where it starts is automatic.

Now you can put the <$p-r> code wherever you want the alternate page numbering to appear in the margins.

Oh! Totally brilliant - thank you :smiley:

So, this doesn’t appear to work in Windows. Is that correct? Wondering when the software is going to be updated. I really need this for a project I’m working on. Is there a work around?

Yes, if you poke around in the Mac forums you may not find everything as described, in the Windows version. I can’t say when the big upgrade will be out, it’s still in development.

In the meanwhile, and as a general rule of thumb for anything related to formatting and document structure that Scrivener doesn’t do (which is legion, even on the Mac), the recommended process is to transition into another tool for final polishing at some point.