Page numbering missing on first 8 pages

I’m using the fiction novel format that includes the front matter for manuscripts, paperbacks and ebooks (which I love by the way), except for one small matter I can’t seem to resolve. When I submitted to compiled pdf to it came back rejected because:

When I took a look the front 8 pages before chapter one (title page, some blank pages, dedication, acknowledgement, etc.) aren’t numbered and the numbering starts at page 9 at the bottom of the first page of chapter one. I really don’t have a problem with that but apparently does.

But I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the numbers to show up earlier, like at page two.

Can someone point me to the magic button that allows me to do this? It would be much appreciated. I was hoping to have the proof ordered and in my hand by the weekend. Guess it might be time to make a new timeline. :slight_smile:

When that is set to Automatic, it will use this alternate header set-up (blank, in this example), for the entirety of the Front Matter.

Thanks for the help and the graphic. I made that change but it didn’t change the page numbering. I had tried it before with the setting at 4 instead of 2 also but that also made no difference, even though it sure seemed to me that it should have.

Any other ideas?

If need be I could send the Scrivener file to have it checked to see if I have some other setting wrong.


Are all of the individual sections short? If so, check the first tab and disable the “No header or footer on single pages” option.

the first 8 sections are short – a page each, but then the next section is all the chapters of the book, about 150 pages, then there are two last sections of about a page each. Will what you’re suggesting work with that configuration?

The “Paperback Novel” preset is actually based on a CreateSpace example, so should work. Moreover, it is set so that page numbering starts at page 1 after all the front matter - it certainly shouldn’t start at page 9. (To clarify, page numbering might start on the physical page nine, but the first number you see in the footer should be “1”.)

Have you ticked “Page numbers count first pages” by any chance? If so, then the first page number to appear would be labelled with the physical page number. You should ensure this is deselected.

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After all this and getting myself way overly confused I decided to call createspace and ask them what the issue was and what they wanted.

Turns out the pdf I sent to them had the first page of chapter one showing as page 10 when it was really page 9. somehow when I checked my pdf it had it down as page 9 so that’s when I got confused.

by checking the “Page numbers count first pages” it give me what they are looking for and what I thought I had. Anyway, I’m sending the pdf back to them with chapter one showing page 9 and I’ll let you know if they have an issue with it.

Next time, I’ll call them first before confusing myself and you all on this forum. I’d forgotten they have really good phone customer service.

Quietly shuffling back into my cave now.