Page Numbering (Multiple Schemas)

My readers have very short attention spans. I aim to write a large number of short chapters to accommodate their time and attention constraints; my readers want to know, "when will I be done with this (chapter/book)?

In Microsoft Word for Windows, I can set up page numbering, so that the number of pages for an entire document are visible in the footer of every page, while simultaneously presenting the numbering for the current Section/Chapter. It looks like this this:

— footer —
Page 1 of 11 for Chapter 04
Page 41 of 456 for the Entire Document

Does Scrivener have a similar page-numbering feature?

I don’t have a Windows computer anymore…

My copy of Word for Mac 2016 has a bug that renders it unusable. (When I attempt to select text, the selected text has no highlighting, so I can’t see the selection.)

Thanks in advance for your informative response(s).

Scrivener itself doesn’t have anything like that. You can see which page numbering codes it supports in the Help ▸ List of All Placeholders… menu command, and scroll down to the “Page Numbers” subsection. The <$pagecount> token is the closest thing, but it’s more like the second example you provide.

Maybe give LibreOffice a try? It’s big and clunky like Word, but like Word it does a lot of things. :slight_smile: