Page numbering & section breaks by Folder?

An unusual use case: I’m using Scrivener to help lawyers create a repetative set of documents. I’m having them use custom tags for repeating client data, export all together and print together is awesome, but the page numbering is a problem. I would like to have the document numbering start over with each new folder. I know about the front matter setting, but I have a minimum of 3-4 separate documents within the Scrivener project that need their own page numbers. I’ve been through the documentation and forums on page numbering many different ways, and I haven’t found anything that has worked for me. Am I missing something?

If a page numbering solution within in Scrivener isn’t possible, Word can restart page numbering at section breaks, but I’d need to be able to change how section breaks are compiled in Scrivener for Word. Right now, Scrivener is starting a new section at each page break, but I would like it to start a new section for each folder because there are parts of a document that need to start on a new page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Doing this in Word is going to be your best bet, and you should be able to find a way to compile in such a way that will work fine for that. I believe the only feature that triggers Scrivener to use section breaks instead of plain page breaks is the use of the <$sectiontitle> placeholder token in any header or footer field, within the Page Settings compile option pane. We need section breaks to allow for that header/footer content change. There may be some other trigger that I’m not thinking of though, so if that doesn’t help, or you don’t even use that placeholder, I’ll look around for another trigger.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on that. At the moment, I do have the Section Title tag in the footer, but naming the documents with the page break the same as the folder seems to be working at the moment to keep the correct sections together (even if they’re confusing in the Scrivener outline).