Page numbering woes

My problem is page numbering. When I do a Print Preview, I see the page numbers in the upper right corner. I don’t mind not seeing them whilst working on my document. However, two issues arise.

Firstly, I want my page numbers to appear at the bottom of the page, centered. Secondly, I copied and pasted text from another application into separate chapters in Scrivener. Chapter One has page numbering, beginning with page 1. However, Chapters Two and Three also have page numbering starting at page 1. I need the numbering to be sequential.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I searched here and googled but no luck thus far. Scrivener’s help was no help at all, unfortunately.

Make sure you are using the Compile feature when producing a copy of the manuscript that needs to be numbered correctly. The Print option off of the File menu is really just intended for quick sectional prints, and yes everything you select will start over at page one because it isn’t aware of anything outside of the print selection. In the Text Options tab of Compile, you should see a section for page headers and footers. To create a centred footer with the page number, select “Footer” from the first drop-down, then “Center” obviously, and type in <$p> in the text field. If you want you can put free text in here as well, so – <$p> – is valid.

Now click the Print button and preview from there.

Incidentally, if you use RTF or DOC as your export format, these footers will be exported into the document as well, and will be loaded in your final word processor when it comes time to tidy up the finished draft.

A belated thank you Amber. :slight_smile: