Page numbering

I imported a file, and only got part of it in. actually i copied and pasted a file. In any case, there are no page numbers, and I cannot find an option for page numbering.

This program has so many tings I like, except one thing, …it doesn’t have a help menu with search box so we can find what we need to know about using the program.

There will be a User Manual, they’re just busy writing it still. :wink: It should be available once the program is officially released, full of everything you ever wanted to know (mostly).

As for page numbers, there’s no way to include them while you’re working in Scrivener because they’d be essentially meaningless–since writing may be broken up into lots of chunks, parts may be included or excluded when you compile, you may have a completely different font size and indentation scheme than in the final output, and so on, “one page” in Scrivener might be entirely different from “one page” when you compile it. You can however get a page count using the compilation settings by checking Draft section of Project Statistics (under the Project menu).

Ultimately you should also be able to include page numbers in the compiled document, added during the compile time, but I don’t believe this option is available yet for Windows. Should be coming soon (possibly before release, but I’m not positive on where it’s at right now; you could search the forums for more recent posts related to the compile page numbers). Meanwhile, it’s an easy thing to add in whatever word processor you use for your final formatting after you’ve finished the writing.