page numbering

Silly question, but I can’t figure it out. I’m using the Stage Play US Format for a play and can’t figure out how to add numbering on the bottom center of each page. Help? :confused:

This isn’t something you would see inside of Scrivener, but rather it is something handled by the Compile function when your ready to get export your file out Scrivener, either by pressing the Compile button or going to File>Compile…

In the Compile menu, tab over to All Option and then go to Page Settings. From the Page Settings screen look under Header and Footer. In the center Footer section type “<$p>” (without the quotation marks). You may need to delete the “<$p>.” from other sections to avoid double page numbers. You might also want to click the “No header on first page and pages following page breaks” or “No header or footer on single pages” options depending on where you want your page numbers to appear.

When you Compile your Stage Play the page numbers should be in the bottom center.

I hope that helps.

Thanks. Very helpful.