Page numbering!

Not new but I would like to have page numbering for individual documents BEFORE I compile and while working at draft stage. I have some long chapters and if I want to print them out to a hard copy for paper editing it can get very confusing. Not sure why such an obvious feature is not available? Can’t compile or don’t want to when you are only starting off on the first few chapters of something…Unless I am missing something…

You can compile whenever you want. Scrivener doesn’t care.

The File → Print Current Document command prints whatever is in the main Editor window. Page numbers are included by default.


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If you enable View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Page View then an estimated page count will be provided in the footer bar. It’s worth stressing, as it is in the manual as well, that this is an estimation. It’s not really possible to know what the actual page number of anything is, since compile can so radically change the layout of the text. For example you might prefer to proof with double-spacing so you can make notations between the lines with a pen, and that’s going to change the page count a fair amount from what you see in the editor. But the manual does provide some tips for making this somewhat accurate, though it will require some sacrifices on your end (like pretty much dispensing with all of the conveniences the compiler provides, and treating the editor much more like a word processor where everything is manually formatted the way it will print).

And if you’re thinking we could just calculating using the compile settings, then try compiling. Note how long it takes, and then imagine that amount of lag between every letter you type in. I don’t think anyone would want that.

Thanks, I didn’t realise that. Everywhere I looked seem to be saying you couldn’t do it - but I guess they were going on what appears before you print…