Page numbers and compilation


I’m blonde, I know.
But somehow I don’t get the page numbering in order for compilation in 3.0.
What I want to do is to skip page numbers for a couple of pages (my front matter stuff) and start with page 1 on the right hand page of chapter one.
Now, how am I supposed to do that. It was simple in 2.x as the conversion dialogue allowed me to work on page headers and footers. That is all gone now and I haven’t found it in 3.0
Please help!

Anna A. Ros
novelist, writing educator and longtime Scrivener user.

This thread might help…

Thanks a lot! It sure helped.
Found I was writing a script in script mode and that mode doesn’t allow some things.
Using pre-formatted novel of mine and changing that format into a new user-defined format solved it for me.
Of course I did have to alter all kinds of stuff. Took me a couple of hours getting round the page format - compose format interaction, but it works now.