Page Numbers - Avoid Counting Title Page

I’ve looked through the forums and didn’t find this particular problem, so here goes:

I’m creating a file for Createspace and on viewing the uploading .pdf file I see that the Title page spills over to two pages. The second page is being treated as the first page of the book and the page numbers count is starting on the second half of that Title page. I see on the Mac version that there’s an option to choose which page to start on, but can Windows users do to control this?

The only option for this in Windows at the moment is to suppress the page number on the first page, so for this you’ll need to either trim your title page to a single page or compile to another format like RTF first and handle the page numbering in a word processor, where you’ll have more control over what sections should include numbering. From there you can save or print to PDF for CreateSpace. If you don’t have a Save to PDF option already, I recommend the free CutePDF.

So if the title page is more than one page long, it has to be done by hand? Another disappointment for the Windows version :confused:

Maybe I’m missing something, but why would you want something that spans more than one page? It is called a title page, after all.