Page Numbers: Compile to PDF

I am ready to compile my book into PDF to be uploaded to KDP. Everything seems to be in order minus the last few pages of the book.

My last chapter is only one page. The page number does not present at the bottom of that page.

The following page starts the “Back Matter”. I inserted a blank page I inserted via the <$BLANK_PAGE> in a text file, followed by two pages of “Thank Yous”. The last two pages have page numbers.

To recap.

Last chapter/Last Page of book - No page number
Back Matter
Blank Page - No page number
Thank you 1 - Page number (correct and accounts for the two pages prior)
Thank you 2 - Page number (correct)

I would like to know how to get a page number on the last page of the book and not have page numbers on the last three pages (blank and Thank You pages).


Check the page settings of your Compile format. Most likely you have the option to omit page numbers from single pages checked. Of course, deselecting that will put page numbers on all other single pages, though.

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