page numbers error in .rtf export


I encountered a small problem with Scrivener. I would like to have simple page numbers on each page - starting from page 4 onwards. This is no problem when I compile and export to PDF for example. I can simply choose “page 4” under “page settings - first pages - start regular header and footer on:”.

If I want to compile and export to .docx or to .rtf it only gives me the option to choose “page 2” … nothing else.

There is another problem: In my automatically generated ToC it gives me the correct page numbers to each chapter when I’m exporting to PDF or to .docx - If I export to .rtf however, it will only give me one page number for everything if I open the .rtf in Word 2011. So every chapter is located on “page 4”.

Any ideas how to solve this problem? Or am I just missing something?


PS: a separate question to the ToC - is it possible to get the hierarchical numbers for each chapter and section in there without manually coding it into the ToC?