Page numbers not showing up when I compile

I am compiling using the US Stage Play format. I’ve checked the settings and the page number code is in the header (& the footer), but when I compile, I don’t get any page numbers.

I also tried adding text to the footer. That’s not showing up either.


Make sure you’ve tweaked the right headers/footers :

I did. They are the Main Body Header & Footer.

And what format are you compiling to ?

The format is for “US Stage Play.” It’s a built-in project format.

The output ?
Docx, PDF, Epub (…) ?

Output is print to PDF

Try PDF (no print to)

Compile to print is messed up a bit. (It does funky things…)

That worked!!! Thank you SO much.

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New challenge. Each scene is re-starting the numbering…any ideas?

Never mind. It’s all good. Thank you again for your help. Much appreciated.

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