Page Numbers vs. Page Count / Headers & Footers

Hi all,

I was working in Scrivener today, when I found myself missing something when in Page View — a holdover from my Word brainwashing, I guess, but all the same: Page numbers in the headers/footers of the pages themselves, not just in the status bar; then I got to thinking — it’d be nice to have this in Page View mode, really nice indeed, for either the document or the project itself. So, here’s my request:

Two mutually exclusive options in the Page View submenu of the View menu, titled simply: Display Document Page Numbers, and Display Project Page Numbers. Then, in accordance with the user’s Compile settings (which have to be set up in order for this to work), page numbers — either for just that document or for the entire project — are displayed in Page mode, right where the Compile settings says they will be printed. If the user’s Compile settings don’t have any page numbering set up, the numbers would simply not be displayed (and the options to see them greyed out). When in Scrivenings mode, the Document Page Numbers option would count all the pages in that particular Scrivenings session, and the Project Page Numbers option would of course be non-consecutive, and respective of each document’s current position in the project.

I know this all sounds very complicated, but I believe there are probably a lot of users out there who, like me, are still used to thinking in terms of page numbers, page counts, etcetera, and are used to thinking in terms of page numbers when they think of measuring length or their personal productivity. A feature like this could go a long way to answering this need. (And the reason I suggest Page View is because it’s a more logical choice than in Wrap mode, which wouldn’t make any sense at all.) I also realize that Scrivener isn’t supposed to be truly WYSIWYG, the way Word or Pages is . . . nonetheless, I think this would make a pretty nice feature for some folks, if a bit complex to use correctly.

(P.S. — On a separate note, I would like it if the footer bar [which I called the “status bar” above; sorry about that] kept tracking of page counts even when in Wrap mode, as this would save me a step of having to switch into Page View just to see how many pages I’ve generated.)

(P.P.S. — It’d also be nice to be able to tell Scrivener to have the page count shown reflect either the page count with the current formatting options, or the current compiled page count, since display and compile formatting can be different.) Sorry for all the italics; m brain slipped into dialogue mode for a second. :smiley:

Well, that’s it for now…