page numbers when printing direct from Scrivener.

What is the status of this? I ike to be able to do a quick and dirty print directly from Scrivener to edit on the go. I still can’t get page numbers on the page, just the forward slash in the header. It’s a real bummer having to export to everytime I want to print.

Download the beta from the Beta Testing forum and be sure to read the Help file about changes to how page numbers work in that version.

I have the latest beta 1.1/1.08.

The printer controls look great! Unfortunately, Scrivener still will not print pages numbers for me without exporting. When I click File Name and Date, I get file name and date. When I click Page Numbers, I get nothing.

However, in Print Preview all “appears” well. The problem seems to be that the page numbers are consistently positioned so far to the right that they are outside the printing capability of my printer - a Brother 1270N, which has been an absolutely flawless printer - and visually in Preview they are almost to the edge of the paper.

Couldn’t Scrivener use the same right margin for text and page numbers?


I have no control over that - the header gets printed in the position set by internal Apple methods, the same as TextEdit. Presumably you are having the same problems with TextEdit, then? Have you double-checked your paper settings are correct (e.g. Letter not A4 or vice versa depending on your location)?

Thanks for your response. Yep, TextEdit does the same thing… curious that OS X would get it so wrong on this very popular printer.

Anyone else see this? Any solution you can recommend?

Yes, this is exactly the problem I am having with an HP Laserjet. I’m not sure why it is an OSX problem when it only occurs when printing from Scrivener? Not being critical, just curious!

Tripper, as michpen already pointed out, TextEdit does it to - it is not just Scrivener. Scrivener relies on built-in OS X methods for providing the header and footer, the same as TextEdit does. Most word processors do not rely on this built-in method, as they provide their own page layout engines. Scrivener is not a page layout app and thus has no such engine.

Still, this is annoying and I will look into it. I just can’t promise anything.

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Fair enough - excuse my technical ignorance. It’s just an annoyance in an otherwise excellent program.

A reasonable cobble for me (although, I realize it may not be so for you), would be to simply trail the page number with 8-10 space. This would move the page number far enough to the left to appear.

Alternately, the File Name / Date / Page Number header could be left justified. I would loose the beginning of the file name, but wouldn’t care.

I’ve just discovered another workaround!

If you print to PDF (as in Save to PDF from the Print menu) this keeps the page numbers (as it does in preview) and actually prints them when you print the PDF file.

Odd… doesn’t work for me, either printing from PDF or directly from Preview.


I’ve just overridden the Apple method to respect the left and right margins, so in the next beta release (and 1.1) this should no longer be a problem (I hope). The new method prints headers (and footers) halfway down the vertical margin and within the confines of the left and right margins, which should be spot on for most printing purposes. When the 1.09 beta gets released (hopefully later this week), please be sure to let me know how it works for you.
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Cool… if the world was ruled by people like you, it would be a better place. Any thoughts on fixing the margins of Iraq?

The new Page Setup/Printer Options are really great.

I would also welcome the option of inserting a Page Break at the end of each document (I print out mostly Edit Scrivenings). In the mess of drafting and rewriting, I break my chapters into small little sections to try and tame the chaos. When I print the chapter out to read it from a different perspective, I don’t want to loose this organization. (I know I could do this manually, but don’t want the page breaks to reside in the text, because as it gets more polished I want to read it on paper without the flow interrupted.)

The File Name option might help in this regard, except that I also use bold text within my text to label sometimes even individual paragraphs. So, in addition to the Page Breaks, it would be nice to have the file name stand out more, either through a larger font, circled by a box, with some kind of easily identifiable leading symbol, or even simply justified right.

In short, it would be nice to have options for both page breaks and more attention-getting file names.

For more detailed control over printing, use Export Draft, where you can choose “page break before” for each document.

The File > Print option just prints whatever is in the text view; it does not have any knowledge of the actual documents there as the Export Draft print option does. It really is just for basic printing, so I’m afraid there won’t be any further changes or options any time soon.


Why is it that I don’t get these Scrivener print options in the Print menu?

Which print options? Margins and settings for widows and orphans and the printing of page numbers etc are all in the usual place - File > Page Settings > Settings > Scrivener.

No, the ones that you can pull down from the print menu (after selecting Print) under copies and pages. Or did I imagine that!

Must have imagined it… :slight_smile: Anything there is determined by the OS and your printer.

I need some fresh air. :open_mouth: