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I often have a limited number of pages which I may not excess. Is there a possibility of displaying a counter of page numbers like eg in MS word?
might be a stupid question, but I did not find a solution neither in the preferences nor here in the board.

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thanks, this is already quite useful. but isn’t there a way to display the whole page eg in order to see how space is left on one page or to see the structure of the page?

Scrivener is not intended as a page layout program, so until now there has never been a page layout view because it is never likely to have true WYSIWYG footnotes, header and footer etc. However, it sounds as though you will find the next free update very useful, though it is unlikely to be available until April or after…
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I beg your pardon for my english :blush:
This is also a question of mine. I’ve published a couple of books with Lulu and i had to use Pages, than print like pdf, but all the work was made with Scrivener. So i hope we will have a page layout, to check our work before exporting.

Although Scrivener may (though not definitely) provide some sort of pages view in future (no timeframe), you will never be able to use it to check your layout before exporting. When exporting via Compile Draft, you may change the font, and you most certainly will compile a number of documents together. This is why pages don’t really make much sense in Scrivener as a view feature. The only place they really make sense is for scriptwriters, who do measure things in pages. (Also note that depending on what format you export to, it could look quite different in the program you open it in.)

You can, of course, use the print preview facility to view how your work will look.

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