page numbers

Is there a quick way to tell what page number you’re working on? I know you can check the entire length of the document, but when I’m editing and typing I just what to know what page I’m on. Can you tell me how to do that? Thanks!

What do you mean by a page? There’s really no concept in Scrivener, as when you export your document could look completely different - you can change the font and paragraph style, for instance. And you don’t view the entire document at any one time, but chunks of the document. I assume you’re working on a script, and I do understand that scriptwriters require page numbers where other writers do not, so 2.0 will have a basic page layout view scriptwriters though. Even then, page numbers will never be 100% reliable until you have formatted your final document, but that’s the same with any document.
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I am writing a novel and just want to know where I am in it, by that I mean what page I am on. Just so I know that any one section isn’t getting too long.

You can use word count for that, which is generally more standard. As I say, there is no way of getting the “current page” as it is meaningless in Scrivener. (The paperback would have a different number of pages to the MS printed out on A4 or Letter, and you may print it out in a different format to how it is typed, etc.)