Page Order in Kindle (.mobi) Compile


I am using Scrivener Windows edition to compile my writing into a book.

I like it, but the page order is a bit annoying.

By default when I open up the .mobi file in a kindle it skips right past the cover image and the table of contents, and on to the third page.

Really, I just want it to open up at the cover image, then have the first few pages of legal stuff etc and THEN have the table of contents.

Is there any way of doing this at the moment?

If not, can it be added?

Seems pretty fundamental to be able to have the pages of a book in the order that you want them in…

You’ll need to use an external e-book editor such as Sigil to do this - Scrivener just isn’t designed to do all the fiddly formatting (it’s more focused on the organising and getting you to the final draft stage - you almost always need to tweak the exported product in another program if you’re not sticking to the very basics.).

ETA: Also, the Kindle skips straight past the cover and legal notes on most books. It’s the default behaviour because almost no one reads the copyright page. I usually have to flip back a few pages to see the cover if I care to.