Page padding of new chapters

I’m compiling my draft in the novel format. But each new chapter is starting halfway down the page (with page padding). I only want that for the first chapter.

How to fix?

Probably the best way would be to disable padding completely in the compiler, and then manually pad the first chapter down after you compile. Another way would be to handle the first chapter by hand and set it to As-Is. You’d lost a little dynamic flexibility since you’ll need to keep that chapter title page maintained by hand so that it matches the rest of the chapters sans the padding, but that’s not too much work unless you change formats often. Below is an example set-up:

This shows the arrangement in a Scrivenings session so you can see both the “Chapter One” folder’s text, and the text of “scene a”. This is roughly how it will look in the final version when you compile. Note the circled checkbox on the right, that’s important (if you can’t see it, right-click on the screenshot and choose to open it in a tab). It will keep the title page from acquiring a second title from the compiler, and force this folder to print its text contents even if you have other folders set to not export their text.