Page settings for Screenplays / Newbie problems

Hi everyone,

Finally getting to grips with Scrivener after many years using Final Draft.

The first immediate thing that I cannot see how to do, is how can I see how many pages is my script without having to compile it every time? (In screenplay format) In FD I liked to be able to see the actual pages, it helps me with flow, rhythm and length.

Also, I cannot find a setting that tells Scrivener not to break up lines of dialogues or action sequences when breaking for a page. Any hints?

Finally, I think I am not helping myself, but the first project I am working on is with a co-writer who uses a different format. She exports in FDX and I import the file, but it comes through as a single lump (no scenes division, funny line and letter spacing). Same thing happens when I export to FDX for her. I’m scratching my head and, for now, I am amending it manually which is a loooong pain in the ass.

Apologies if these are common and oft repeated questions…

Thanks everyone!


Sara - I’ve been writing screeenplays in Scrivener for some years now.

Scrivener does not do page payouts, so there is no way to get an accurate page count without compiling, nor any way to tell Scrivener when to do page breaks. You’ll need Final Draft or another programme for this.

I describe my process here, which may be useful. I now have no problems exporting from Scrivener into Final Draft, but my last attempts to go back the other way were not successful. This was several versions (of both programs) ago, and the situation may have changed now.

This thread might also be useful to you.

Additionally, while it doesn’t do accurate page layout (that is very complicated and outside of the scope of Scrivener), it can do some estimation. Use the Project/Project Statistics (Ctrl-.) menu command and use the Pages (printed) line. This may not be accurate to the very page, but it should be close enough to get a good idea of how long the script will be when printed.