Page size in blank project template


Just starting with Scrivener again after a long break, and my pages never used to look like this:

How do I get rid of all the extra space above the doc? Played around a while and nothing is working. It’s still there in editor view. If I use the novel template it isn’t there, but I prefer the minimalism of the blank template. How this makes sense!



How to get rid of synopsis and notes panels from the side. Only by going into editor view?

actually I figured out that’s the Inspector, but the page thing is still happening, every time I open it again, it is squashed into the bottom left corner (like in the screen shot), or just has extra blank space to the right.


Make sure you have the latest version, which is 3.1.5. That kind of anomaly is quite common if you’re using a version of Scrivener that predates your version of Mac OS.


thank you Katherine!