Page titles displayed above content in "Edit Scrivenings"

Hi I can’t find anything recent on this on the board…

I’m continually reviewing my work in “Edit Scrivenings”, but sometimes I just have blank pages with titles in the binder as placeholders/prompts for things I still have to write. In Edit Scrivenings mode, these empty pages just shows up as blank rows.

It would be great to have two options in the preferences for Edit Scrivenings:

  1. Include the title of all binder pages (maybe in bold, or a color)
  2. Include title of all blank binder pages only.

This would be so useful when I’m reading and i’ve gotten to a place holder and still have to write something.

Thanks for considering! This would make my world all happy many times a week!

The option to display the titles in Edit Scrivenings is coming in 2.0, you will be pleased to hear. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,