Page Turns on wrong page in BBC Radio Script Template

When I compile my script to PDF Scrivener is adding page turns (a little parathetical if someone has continued dialogue on the next page), which would be great if they were always in the right place. Most of them on on the wrong page. Anyone know how to fix this? Or at least turn off the automatic addition of the page turns all together?

In what way are they in the wrong place? Are they appearing in spots that aren’t actually at the bottom of a page? Or when the dialogue isn’t actually continued?

Dialogue continuation is one of the options in the Text Layout pane of the Compile Format editor. See Section 24.6.5 in the manual for more information.


Hi Katherine,

They’re appearing at the top of the page before the continued dialogue. So instead of appearing at the bottom of page 3, for example, they’re appearing on the top of page 4. Some of them are fine, but most of them are on the following page.

Hmm. Expected behavior would be to have “More” at the bottom of one page, and “Cont’d” at the top of the next. Is that what you’re seeing, or something else?


I think I figured it out. I unticked the box for “avoid splitting sentences across pages” and that seems to have fixed it (fingers crossed).