Page view alignment [Solved]

Hello all.

So, I’ve been writing up my dissertation for a looooonnnnnnggggg time – but things are at least (thankfully) moving.

I initially played around with inspector footnotes, before settling on inline-footnotes – to better follow the flow of my argument between main text and footnotes.

That being said, the one thing I still battle with, is getting a sense of what the end product will “look” like. I know it should really be neither here nor there, but I still find myself regularly exporting my draft/section thereof in to MS Word, just to properly “see” how final result will display. As nice as the Composition mode is – I still find I want to see what the main text at top/footnotes at bottom will ‘read like’ in Word… It irks me – but hey, I’ll get over it… :slight_smile:

In an attempt to work around the above, I’ve switched on the Page View option – which is useful, albeit slightly misleading. Misleading in the sense that it comes very close to representing the corresponding page count over in Word, but due to the spacing in the footnotes etc. being a bit different between Word and Scrivener – there isn’t always an exact match. Regardless – it’s close enough!

But now I need some help: In the split editor [horizontal] view, I have a pdf at the bottom – which is ‘justified’ and accordingly sits in the middle of the screen. The top editor, with the text, is most decidedly NOT justified, with it sitting off to the side, up against the Binder. It’s driving me nuts!

What am I missing – where can I get the editor text to also sit squarely in the middle?

Would greatly appreciate some help!

[PS – this doesn’t appear to be justified either?? Oh the horror!!! Run away, run away…]

Might be the Editor setting in Preferences:



You’d kinda think the “Center Pages” option under Preferences/Editor would sort of, I don’t know, leap out at the one looking for an option to centre the text in the pages view, wouldn’t you?

Well, nope. That never happened.

It naturally did happen 60 minutes after I had already popped up a question about it, in this very forum.

Joy. Live and learn.


Many thanks. :blush: