Page View Background Color

I am a new scrivener user, so I am not sure if this is a bug or is working as designed.

I am using the beta version and when I am in the text editor with the page view option enable the page background and also text background are both white. Looking some old topics, seems that is possible to change the text editor background to create some contrast between the page view and the page backgorund (similar to what words does), but I couldnt find this setting in my windows version.

Is possible to change the page background in the page view?

Hello Le,
I have found you need to turn off fixed width editor (File / Options / Appearance - Main editor- Then make sure Use fixed width editor is unticked. Restart Scrivener and you will find the page view can be different from its background ( go to file / options /appearance /colours /then Editor and editor again in the drop down list to change page colour. Buff colour less eye strain than white.

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Thanks Argoed! Can I make another question? For the version 1.9.13, is there an option to center the editor (not display the editor in full width) like in the beta version?

I was thinking in to use the beta version to write my novel, but as there is not any estimative to be launched, I decided to stay with the stable version.

Not as far as I am aware. You can alter the editor margins in options / editor, and then with both the binder and inspector open, drag their side bars so the editor panes is where you want it. Not a very good solution. Why not use full screen or composition mode as it is now called. The writing area is already centred with the width easily adjustable,or can be moved left or right. You can have the area behind the writing area blank, or have an inspirational background picture. Mouse down to get to the controls or use F11 and all the rest of the program is one touch away.