Page View for iOS

Hello Scrivener Folks!

First, I love your products. I am working through the final draft of my very first fiction novel, composed entirely in Scrivener for Mac (and some Scrivener iOS), and without your wonderful product, I would never have made it this far. Thank you for your superb work!!!

Second, I am so pleased that you released Scrivener for iOS. I love it!!! What a relief that I am no longer tied to my iMac and can write anywhere with my iPad. Great job!!!

Here is my suggestion/fervent wish:

Can you add “Page View” as an option to Scrivener for iOS?

Right now, in final draft mode, I am polishing each and every page. Try as I might, I see no way to enter “Page View” mode in iOS, which makes the iPad useless to me at this stage…unless I missed something obvious? If so…sorry! Can you point me in the right direction?

Again, kudos on one of the single best software suites I have ever used.

Happy Holidays!
Scott Newbury

Page View is very complicated and requires a lot of processing power to accomplish on the fly like that, there are no plans to implement it on the much simpler framework provided by iOS as a platform.

Glad to hear the software is working well for you otherwise! :slight_smile:

Hi AmberV,

Thanks very much for the reply! I kinda figured there would be some technical limitation, so please add my voice to the list of folks who would like to see this addition whenever it becomes feasible. Just a wish…no complaints on my end! :slight_smile:

Best regards,