page view for windows

As a screenwriter I need to see the page numbers, or page breaks. In the Windows version it seems that there is no option for page view or page break. I only can see my page breaks in print preview.

Page view will be coming to Windows in a future version, so you’ll be able to get a better idea of the page breaks while writing. For now, you’ll need to make any tweaks with this after compile, either in a dedicated software like Final Draft or in a word processor that gives you more layout control. (Even after Page View is implemented, you may still need to use another tool post-compile for final adjustments like automatic "CONT’D"s.) From there you can then save or print to PDF, if that’s your final format.

Is there a time line for when this feature will be available? I loved Scrivener for Mac, but I would have rethought my decision to buy for Windows if I knew ahead of time that I wouldn’t be able to see how many pages I’ve written. I use page counts to judge how long my plays will be when performed and to make sure i’m on track to meet my writing goals.

Actually the best way to get a page count is to use Project/Project Statistics, even on a Mac (Page View isn’t exactly like what you’d expect, from Word, based on Scrivener’s completely different multi-section design as opposed to monolithic document files). Note that in addition to a full compile count at the top, you can also count up the current selection in the Binder, too.