Page View In Composition Mode

Hey guys,

I know it sounds crazy, but there are those of us who like working in Page View much of the time. Not that “regular mode” isn’t just great, it’s just that sometimes, Page View is what you need. (For instance, I always do my editing in Page View, because that way I can visibly see how much I’m shrinking down the prose, how much is being left out or left in, etcetera.) One thing I find frustrating, though, is that there isn’t any way to invoke Page View while in Composition mode. It seems it should be a fairly straightforward thing . . . and would be really nice to be able to access page counts in the bottom toolbar, and such. Currently, going back and forth between composition and page view is kind of a pain in the keister; it would make my workflow so much easier if I could just have that stuff and that view right there in composition mode.

“But composition mode is supposed to be limited–!” I can hear some people screaming. Well, yes, that’s true. But I don’t think that having this feature would radically alter the balance of on-screen functionality, nor do I think that for those that didn’t want it, it would have to be an intrusion into their work. I for one would like to see this feature added sometime in the future, though I know there are probably lots of other, more crucial things to be done first. :slight_smile:


I think you can fake this to a large extent by using Full Screen (the Apple version, not Composition mode) and cutting down the visual elements drastically.

First, follow these instructions to strip out all visual clutter:

[Before you do this, cmd-shift-) to bring up the Manage Layouts dialogue box. Save your default window setup by creating a new layout and naming it. Optionally assign a shortcut to this default in System Preferences.]

Format > Hide Ruler (cmd-R)
Format > Hide Format Bar (cmd-shift-R)
View > Layout > Hide the Toolbar
View > Layout > Hide Header View
View > Layout > Hide Footer View
View > Layout > Hind Binder (cmd-opt-B)
View > Layout > Hind Inspector (cmd-opt-I)
View > Enter Full Screen (cmd-ctl-F)

You’ve now got an empty screen as with Composition mode, but with the ability to toggle the binder and inspector with cmd-opt-B and cmd-opt-I (or sliding them in by putting the cursor to the left / right of the screen).

In Preferences > Editor, check ‘Center pages’ in Wrap to Page Mode then invoke Page Mode in the normal way. You should have your page in the middle of a blank screen.

Go to Manage Layouts again (cmd-shift-) ) and save and name the new minimalist layout, so you won’t have to bother doing all that configuration again…

Hope this helps,


Yes, but one of the most beautiful things about Composition mode is paper transparency and the use of gorgeous, full-screen backgrounds. :slight_smile: Can’t do that in regular mode, as for some reason, the graphics tile rather than stretch in that mode. Plus, there’s adjustable paper widths (I guess for Page View these would be a simple percentages). And, also, Composition mode uses a full-sized scrollbar, not the dinky new L/ML scrollbars.