Page View in the Windows version

I cannot believe that this feature is not in the Windows version. Having sentences going from one side to the other side of a widescreen monitor makes everything really crowded, unappealing and hard to read and edit.

One “fix” that I have found for this lack of feature is to use the ruler, but the thing is, every time I create another blank page, I need to adjust the ruler like it was before as there are no way to make its position default for every new created pages.

Then, when you switch to fullscreen, it changes the whole text and, if you switch back and fourth (fullscreen to write and normal view to edit), again, it makes the whole editing phase harder than it needs to be.

Also, there is no page break. So it makes it pretty much impossible to use Scrivener for school projects as those need to be printed and having to blindly edit something in hopes it fits well into a standard page is unnecessary considering Micorsoft Word does it so well.

If it’s any consolation, Page View will be part of the Windows v3 version.

Go to Tools > Options > Editor and set up the default formatting how you like it, including the ruler. You can also play around with the Editor Margins setting here.This will apply to all new documents.

Then, to apply the formatting to all existing documents:

  1. In the Binder, select the Draft folder

  2. Change the view to Outliner. View > Outliner

  3. In the Outliner view, click on any folder or document. (Don’t open it.)

  4. Expand the Outliner view. View > Outline > Expand all

  5. Select everything in the Outliner view. Edit > Select All (or Ctrl+A). All the folders and documents in the outliner view should be selected.

  6. Convert all the documents to use your new default Editor settings. Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style

Full screen should keep the editor settings. You can adjust the Paper Width and the Paper Height (press Alt) using the Control Strip at the bottom of the screen.