Page View shortcut

The new page view is awesome but the shortcut ALT+Shift+P isn’t working, either on my laptop or my desktop. Most ALT+SHIFT shortcuts are working just fine. I waited through a couple of updates in case it was a known bug but it’s still not working after the latest update. I can’t find anything in the forums about this except a bug mention when 3 was still in beta. Anyone know if it’s possible user error? Thanks!

I can confirm this bug.

View > Text Editing > Page View toggles Page View.

ALT + SHIFT + P does not.

@NJDamschroder, while they are working to fix this–if mouse avoidance is important to you, you can toggle Page View using the menu shortcut ALT + V + E + P. :nerd_face:


Fantastic, thank you, Jim! :slight_smile: