Page View

I know that our version of Scrivener does not have Page View, but is there still a way to see page lines in the editor, like you would in a word doc?

No there isn’t, and frankly even Page View doesn’t do that either (except under highly controlled conditions). Scrivener’s bits-and-pieces approach just doesn’t lend itself toward knowing that “word x” will fall at the end of page 582. It would take too much constant CPU processing to determine this information, when the book is scattered throughout potentially hundreds of outline nodes, some of which may not even be included in the draft at all, with compile settings that could add or subtract dozens of pages with material and formatting adjustments.

Page View is billed as an aesthetic choice, for those that like the psychological feel of seeing something go by as they right, rather than an endless spool. The main practical case I know of where it can be used to really know what sheet of a paper something is with screenplays, because these use rigid fixed-pitch fonts and no structural adornments (like chapter titles and page breaks). For everything else we just have to assume that what is in the editor has very little to do with the final metrics that someone will hold in their hands.