page view

Is there a way that I can see the pages/page breakes as I write? Like in Word or Wordperfect? I’ve written that way so long ( years and years) that I rely on the page breaks as a gauge for how much I’ve written, need to write and where I am in a scene.

All help is appreciated. The targets, while handy don’t give me the visual guide I need.

LA Sartor

Not as yet, though we do have an aesthetic page view option planned that will basically draw paper-sized rectangles on the screen with a drop shadow and all that, and let you type in them. It will not, and cannot really be, an accurate layout feature like a word processor, that’s just not how Scrivener works under the hood, but for getting the feel of “pages” flying by while you write—that we can do. It will definitely be a part of 2.0, and likely not before then as it is a rather complicated job.