Page view


is it possible to have a page view in Scrivener Beta 3 like in Word ?
I activate the page view but see no options for page separation (I tried for 30 minutes … :open_mouth: ).

Is there a way to quickly see and edit the formatting of the page ? For the moment it is a pain in the ass.



Page view is known to not work correctly, and sometimes even crash Scrivener. They are working on it. See viewtopic.php?f=57&t=53269

:confused: Oh, ok thank you for the reply.

Do you know if they plan to correct it soon ?

Actually, each time I compile my work to send it to review, I have problems with the formatting. I need basics things but it is an horror on Scrivener and I am fed up with that. I loose so much time on this stupid thing that is so simple on Word.

I just need to see what I am doing before compiling. When I compile, my text formatting is really weird, I see only half of my writings. :imp: :imp: :imp:

EDIT : I found a solution for the formatting problem. Copy-pasting my texts in a new document helped. Don’t know what happened… It was a short document this time, only 20 pages, but I hope I will not happen again.

Page View mode has major improvements in the next beta guys. You might want to give it a spin.

Good news !

Indeed! Worked flawlessly, and it’s looks very nice.

Just to be that jerk that finds the tiniest thing… don’t suppose there’s a chance of a vertical ruler coming for the Page View, huh?


Don’t worry, I only found the Page View bug by accident whilest playing around just to see what the features looked like. It’s not that big of a feature for me, it just would be fun for some of my smaller projects for work and stuff when they expect something to be a certain number of “pages” as opposed to a word count.