Page width for text

In the text editor: I have a chapter with 8 inches of text width and a second chapter that has imported the SAME Style palette but it only has 6.5 inches of text width (same zoom factor). I cannot get it to appear the same. Even if I redefine the Style manually (Paragraph->Tabs and Indents), it immediately goes back to the old width. Is there a higher level (project-scope or document-scope) that overrides the settings from the Format Paragraph dropdown menus? It’s driving me crazy.

OK, I found the answer. Page View was on for the wide doc, and off for the narrow doc. Reset and appearance is the same. (I still have trouble with the style being the same between the docs but that is a different post:

You found the Page View control, good. It sounds like you have not worked with Scrivener before. There is a tutorial built in and I suggest you take a few minutes to go through it. It will certainly help. Remember, or be aware that, there are two different ways to view your writing. 1) is the editor 2) is the compile output.

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