PageFour data import into Scrivener?


I’m a recent ‘switcher’ to the Mac and had some projects in a PC equivalent program, PageFour. Is there any way to import the data from PageFour into Scrivener?

I realise it’s unlikely to work directly, but I’m wondering what’s the easiest way to continue using material from PageFour in Scrivener.


I guess some of the other switchers might have better ideas, but if PageFour can export to RTF or .doc, you can import those files into Scrivener with consummate ease. If you have to export the stuff in a single document, you can slice it up in Scrivener again with Cmd-K or Shift-Cmd-K to have words you highlight at the splitting point become the name of that file within Scrivener.

Welcome to Scrivener and to the forum, by the way. :slight_smile:


Thanks Mark for that info, and the welcome.

I’ll check into PageFour again as to the Export options (I haven’t used it for a while). I know it can export Project Folders which can then be Imported into another instance of PageFour but I’m not sure if it can Export in a format compatible with Scrivener. If worst comes to worst I can probably open each document and ‘Cut and Paste’ the contents into separate .rtf files in Windows before importing them into my iMac.

I’m just evaluating Scrivener, and it seems like a really powerful program. I’m not a writer but I’m hoping I can use it to assemble files for research work I’m doing on a documentary proposal. Ideally I’d like to collect text files, web pages, web links, audio and video files and jpg images, and more, and be able to keep them under a single searchable proposal umbrella, with links between them.

If you know of a better package for that than Scrivener then I’d love to hear about it.



I don’t think there are many people on this forum who would give you a positive answer to that. I’m pretty sure Scrivener can do all of that … :smiley:


That sounds great to me, Mark.


I’m pretty sure PageFour will allow you to export as RTF or DOC or a format like that… Yes, in fact I just checked their product web page and it says that you can export everything out as RTF, even whole folders. That is perfect. Do that, then drag everything exported into Scrivener and you should even keep the structure…

Thanks Keith,

I’ve just now heard from the always-helpful Darren of PageFour who confirmed the same thing. So it looks like I won’t have much pain in moving across to Scrivener.