<$pageGroupTitle> and <$pageGroupParentTitle> in headers

Check your Section Type to ensure it’s the same for both Notes from an Analyst and Genesis 1 only. Your sub-folders should be a different Section Type and your document a further different type.
Check under Inspector, then the Custom Metadata tab.
Then in Compile > Compile Format Designer, set up Section Layouts.
Under Compile, select Assign Section Layouts.
In the Assign Section to Layout popup, for each Section Type in the left pane, choose an appropriate Layout in the right pane. You may have made an assignment error which is causing your problem.

In don’t understand. All my chapters are chapter title section types: Genesis 1, Genesis 2. etc. Notes from an Analyst is the book title, also already chapter title section layout. Each of my subfolders are a different section type; the one immediately below is a Part Heading section type. I ran that section type and it still puts my <$pageGroupTitle> as Genesis 1 and <$pageGroupParentTitle> as Notes from an Analyst. How do I specify the level of what a parent and group title are?

I’ve red the placeholders’ description/behavior again and think that perhaps your issue is related to page-breaks. (?)

“page group” and “page group parent” are both relative to the current document, and neither has anything to do with section types.

Since Notes from an Analyst is also the book title, why don’t you use the <$projecttitle> placeholder for it?

Figure 24.18 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual illustrates what I think you’re trying to do.

(PS I’m not really here, just sticking my nose in to check for any urgent issues. I haven’t read the thread carefully.)

I am curious how this was resolved?

It is something I’ve played with, but with inconsistent results that I didn’t track down or try to fix at the time.

My question: When setting headers/footers using placeholders (that are allowed) and that reference the current section and it’s parentgroup, does it make a difference:

  • If there is text directly in the folder, vs. a folder containing just text documents?
  • If a folder only contains another folder without any text of its own?
  • If the “following” document types vary- ie the parent has a variety of following type items. (a folder, a folder with text, a text doc) between the current page/section and the parent containers?

I ask, because I noticed the following in the OP’S screenshots- but don’t know if it is problematic.

The binder images differ by their icon type, and following icons, which (to me) indicates a bit of a structural difference.

See first image in the OP and compare the folders “Introduction”, “Genesis 1” “Creation of the World” and “The Text”

These folders all differ as to what they contain, and what the following (item) is.

  • Introduction - the folder itself appears to contain text AND text documents
  • Genesis 1- a folder with a sub folder, NO text docs.
  • Creation of the World - a folder with BOTH text docs, and a sub folder that contains text within it and sub docs (text files - expanded in second image by OP -#5)
  • The Text - the folder itself appears to contain text, plus sub docs (other sub docs not shown, but indicated by the arrow, and expanded as above to reveal text docs.)

Compared to the OP’s test project screenshot (#9) which has the “Notes to an analyst” folder added.

  1. All levels appear identical.
  2. BUT- Op states that Genesis is in the wrong level.
  3. When Genesis is moved to the right, then the structure is no longer identical within each level, as noted in the bullet list above.

Did any of this have any bearing on the solution?

(Edit: @Vincent_Vincent @Kevitec57 - do you know if the binder differences I noted would have any known bearing on the output of the placeholders?)

I’d say a folder is a folder, regardless of its content.
The placeholder speaks of the relation between the current file and it (the folder) ; not of the folder.
It grabs the title of the folder (because the relationship matches), but it stops there ; it has “no interest” in the content, anyways. I can’t think of a reason it’d make any difference, no.
(Although I didn’t ponder on the question for as long as you probably did.)

The placeholder (any of the two) says: “Look upward in the structure, – who’s this? – Who’s in this seat? Replace me with its title.” [/End of request]

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