PageNumber and ToC

I know there are several threads about page numbering and the ToC. But I found no way to solve my problem:

  • I want the first three pages to get roman page number (I, II, III)
  • the fourth page is the first regular page and should start with 1

I managed to start the page numbering on the 4th page. But the ToC still counts the first three pages.
So <$p> returns 4 instead of 1…

After I solved this I will try to get the roman numbers on the first pages.


See “24.20.5 Header and Footer Options” in the manual.

Thanks - as always with Scrivener: I love the app but the docs are a different thing. For example the part on “front matter”… it reads like this “Create a folder in your binder that will contain different sets of front or back matter”… but there is no hint, that the front matter folder has to be located outside of the content structure of my work. A hint like “to avoid confusion, you shouldn’t place these folders inside the draft folder itself” is even more confusing. To give a hint about what’s happening here it should read “you have to place these folders outside of the draft folder itself”…

Anyhow - thanks for your help - my problem has been solved ;)