Pages don't 'keep position' when I go back


Complete newbie here! Forgive stupid question(s) …

I’ve noticed that in Scrivener, if I leave an open document to look at another briefly (without going to the bother of splitting the editor), then use the arrow to ‘go back’, Scrivener returns me to the top of the page I was in, not the position I was actually at.

Is there a setting I should know about, that allows Scrivener to ‘remember’ whereabouts I am in a page, so I don’t have to keep scrolling down to where I was?

Thanks for your patience.

I suggest you try the following:

  1. On the current document, double click on any word at the line you want to return (it will appear selected).
  2. Then visit another document via the Go To command or the binder.
  3. Then press the back arrow (the one at the top left on the document header).

Did it return to the place you were at?

Yes, it did! Even when I visited 4 different pages in succession and then ‘went back’ to the original, it was still at the highlighted word.

Possibly a slightly memory-intensive solution (i.e. will I remember??!) but at least it works.

I got that trick from the Tutorial. In fact, Scrivener remembers almost anything you were doing (and where) when reopening the project.

The thing it remembers is the cursor position, or the selection. It does not attempt to recall the scroll position. So if you are primarily just using the scroll wheel, or PgUp/Down keys, then you won’t be moving the cursor itself, so it always pops back to wherever that was instead.

Got you. Thanks, both. :slight_smile:

On the Beta 5 it does not seem to be the case unless you have something selected. When the cursor is not selecting anything, going back does not seem to recover the old cursor position. Can you verify this?

I’d post your finding in the beta forum if it hasn’t been reported yet. It should be tracking cursor position all by itself as well.

In the beta forum for Windows … you’re in the Mac forum here.