Pages (i-Work) import / export

Hi: I’m an i-Work user, and notice that I can’t seem to import from Pages or export to it. I have to export to either RTF or Word format as a go-between, both ways. Am I missing something here, or have you any plans to implement import / export direct with Pages?

Hmm … I think you’re missing a number of threads/posts on the Scrivener forum!

If things seem to be turning blue in your vicinity, it’s just our dear Keith expressing his feelings about Pages using a proprietary format that Apple hasn’t/won’t release, therefore implementation of import/export is impossible.

And if I remember rightly, Pages has problems with footnotes in RTF or some such … Scrivener .doc export is actually RTF with a changed creator code (see previous posts) … so if you really want to export from Scrivener to Pages, you may have to think about going via NeoOffice to turn the export document into a binary .doc file!

Apart from that … welcome to the forum!



Yes, as Mark says, this comes up a lot - please do a search on “Pages” or “iWork” to find my full reply to why there is no Pages support (short answer: Apple provide developers with importers/exporters for .rtf, .doc. .docx, .rtfd, .odt, .html etc - but none for Pages or Appleworks formats; and Pages won’t import RTF properly, even though it is an old, established and standard format).

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Apple does provide a limited specification for the iWork format (at least for Pages and Keynote). It would be enough to write a Scrivener Importer/Exporter, if someone had the time and patience to do it. It’s proprietary, sure, but it’s not closed.

What’s so infuriating to developers is that Word, RTF, ODT, and so on, are all ‘for free’ in the form of Text System libraries, but Apple’s own format isn’t. Writing that importer/exporter is a hell of a lot of work for pretty limited long term gain.