Pages in Project Target

In one project, the printed pages are about double the paperback pages. In the other project they’re nearly the same. The second is closer to correct–what do I need to adjust? They both have the same number of words for paperback pages.

Oops! I ought to have said project statistics. Okay–now both my projects are way off the printed pages. What can I do to fix?

The printed page count is based off your project’s current compile settings, so most likely you just have set this up differently for each project. For instance, if in one you’ve set to use Courier New everywhere with double-line spacing and starting every chapter on a new page, that will be much longer when printed than the same project using Times New Roman single-spaced with new chapters just starting on a new line. Go into File > Compile… and then click the blue arrow icon if necessary to expand the window so you see the sidebar, then click “Formatting” to look at how things are set up for your project–what elements are compiling, what formatting is used, etc. Also check the Separators, since you may have page breaks set in places you don’t want them, and the Page Settings, since this is where you adjust margins and paper size. Changes you make here will be reflected in the printed page count in Project Statistics.

I’m not entirely sure why this would be necessary, however, unless you’re trying to set up a compile for going directly to Create Space or Lulu or somewhere that you’re responsible for compiling in that end-result printed page form? The two different page counts are given precisely because you might want to estimate “how would this add up in a standard paperback” without having to go to the trouble of formatting everything to output that.