Pages not continuous scroll

Okay, I am new with the software. But how to I get the software to create pages rather than a continous scroll?
Help me please.

The short answer is that you can’t, at least not in the current version. A pages view may appear in the next free update, but I don’t guarantee anything beyond the current features. I think there is something about this in the FAQ - certainly it mentions on the main page that Scrivener isn’t a page layout program. Essentially, Scrivener is designed for working with individual chunks of text that later get compiled into one long document, so it doesn’t really know anything about pages - the pages level is intended to come when you export to a dedicated word processor.
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Perhaps I should have read the fine print before purchasing the product. It’s obviously not what I want.

Sorry you’re not happy with Scrivener (so many thousands of us others are) and would like to sympathize with your plight (buyer’s remorse? Everyone hits it) but in fairness to KB, the page-layout view you (apparently) hoped for is not a “fine print” issue. It’s pretty basic, and obvious to anyone who troubles to play with the trial version or scan the tutorial.

That’s if you want to work on a page-by-page format. If all you want is to see how the pages will break out when printed, you can quickly compile a draft, then preview the layout instead of printing it. Gives you an exact picture, quickly, and without using a scrap of paper or a drop of ink.


I definitely recommend trying any program before buying it - that is why I have a free trial. Contact me via e-mail, and I can give you a refund (minus the restocking free that goes to eSellerate, as explained on the About page.

As Phil says, though, this is not fine print. If you had tried the demo or watched the video, this is explained - I’m most certainly not trying to mislead anybody. And Scrivener certainly won’t fit everybody. If a page layout view is what you are after, you might want to try out Storyist.