Pages Problems

Hi, my project is written beautiful at Scrivener Beta 16, but when I compile to save with the same fonts, the pages titles/contents starts at the end of the latest pages, not where’s it’s supposed to be, and without margins/numbers.

The page view option also doesn’t give us an A4 paper reality. Is the MAC version the same thing or it’s because of Scrivener 3 development?

It would be great if it breaks/number pages as Microsoft Word. And I also miss pictures alignments, as I would like to put pictures left-aligned to the profile characters.

Scrivener is not a wysiwyg word processing software. If that’s what you need, if you need something that works like Word, use Word.

Hi Lyhhss,

There are a few different things going on in your post, but let’s see if we can break them down and figure something out.

  1. You say that when you are compiling, the Table of Contents appears at the end of your project, is that correct? What format are you compiling to?

  2. You can change Page View to show the A4 paper type. Go to File > Page Setup and select the paper type there. Page View Mode should then reflect that setting.

  3. You can add page numbers in the Compile Window. Go into your Compile Format and select the Page Settings tab. From there you can add page numbers (by using the placeholder <$p> ) to either the top (header) or the bottom (footer) of the page.

  4. Could you describe exactly what you are looking for from images, and how that differs from now? I’d like to help but I’m not sure what the exact issue is.


Hi Bryan,

#) When I compile the project, the chapter two (page 2) starts at the end of the chapter 1 (page 1), is there any configuration needed to make it start on the right page? There’s no margins left and right also, but i’s set as A4.

#) Found the page numbers just appears after saving as PDF, thank you.

#) I would like to now if it’s possible to wrap images around the text . Yesterday I’ve found a way to include it as a blank table column, but it’s hard to edit the text and clean the background color because the software freezes for 1 or 2 seconds.


It’s intended to work as a bible and screenplay editor, so it should export as I wrote it, if I need to export it to Word to show it to other people, not good, right? :unamused:

Depending on how you have your project set up, try assigning your chapters to a section layout that has a page break at the top. For example, the ‘Default’ Format has a section layout called “New Page” that starts with a page break before the block of text. Assigning your chapters to this will ensure that the text of Chapter 2 is on a separate page from the text of Chapter 1.

Resolved adding breaks and moving rullers to each section, thank you.

But, the problem with pictures and tables continues. When adding a picture/table, the program freezes. When I close it and open another day, the background is gray instead of white. :laughing: