Pages set to start on recto change to verso halfway through PDF export

I’m setting certain pages to start on recto which seems to works fine, BUT halfway through a PDF export, it decides to swap and starts putting the pages on the verso side! I’m stumped! Any ideas?

Halfway through, did the documents start having a different section type?

I made a Loom video to show what’s up! Any ideas? View Loom Video

You skipped quickly over some of that, but I don’t see anything that would explain what you’re seeing. It’s my opinion that fiction readers (I am one) don’t care if chapters start on a recto page or not, but it’s your choice of course.

I will note that deleting the title page to get the reader to correctly show the page layout is unnecessary:

two-page view in acrobat reader

Thanks for checking it out, @drmajorbob. The actual reason I have recto pages like that is because the finished product has 40 pieces of art as well, and I need those pieces on their own pages otherwise the bleed from art on one side and text on the other makes it all but illegible. But, for my tests and this video, I removed the art pieces to make it easier to diagnose. So I’m kinda stuck and need to figure it out somehow! Let me know if you get any ideas!

I’d like to see the “bleed” problem, I doubt an image that works recto can’t work verso (or vice-verso). It’s also possible a Zoom session would let me better diagnose your issue, but otherwise … ¯_(ツ)_/¯

one on one assistance

@drmajorbob I just dropped you a Facebook DM! Would love to do a Zoom!

If you’re getting bleed between art and non-art pages, that’s an issue to raise with your printer. Maybe you need to use higher quality paper? Maybe you should have a separate section (on better paper) for “plates?”

Problem solved by the legendary @drmajorbob! On a hunch we tried toggling on “Avoid widows and orphans,” and that, for some reason solved the problem! May be a bug, going to report it just to be safe!