pages shown on main editing window

Hello. My older version of Scrivener used to show pages at the bottom of the main editing window. For example it would say I’m on page 34/147. So I knew where I was. but now all I see is total word count and character count. How do I bring back this page feature in the new Scrivener?


View > Page View > Show Page View

[attachment=0]page view.png[/attachment]

It worked! Excellent!

Dear Gurus,
Didn’t work for me. I can get word count and letter count (which in 40 years I’ve NEVER needed to know) but don’t know how many pages I’ve got in a chapter. Suppose I can always divide the words by 500.

Donald McCaig

Select the chapter folder in the Binder and when you toggle Scrivenings on with Show Page View. That’ll give you guestimate page count.

Dear Gurus,

Didn’t work, perhaps because my chapters are text pages, not folders? But before upgrading to 2.5, the page count was at the bottom of each page in my text chapter.

Donald McCaig

I’m on 2.5 too. [[EDIT: Turns out I’m using 2.6. Had upgraded the software but not my .sig.]] When I select a document rather than folder I get Page x of y in the status bar at the bottom but only because I turned on View > Page View > Show Page View. I normally work with that setting off and rely on Project > Project Statistics to give me the page count of the entire project.

Got it, thanks. My project statistics prefs were set wrong. I don’t need the bottom of the page count if I can find it in project statistics. I compare page count with my initial est of chapter length/importance. When initial is shorter than draft I don’t worry, when initial is much longer I wonder if I’ve been lazy or has the book’s phythm changed.