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I just started using Scrivener and I like what I’ve used, but is it possible to add support for iWork program Pages? While it is possible right now, it involves exporting in a format and then opening and converting an vice versa for importing into Scrivener.
If it could support .pages it would remove one step and eliminate the need for additional files.
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Here are some answers as to why this isn’t something very easily added:

here, and here. Probably other posts too, but the issues gets described thoroughly in these two.


Yes, as Ioa says, we’d love to add support for Pages, but Apple don’t make the .pages format available to third-party developers so it’s not possible.

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We should hold an annual (or monthly!) “Request Pages format API support” day, where everyone on (or off) the boards requests for Pages importers & exporters that actually work.

How can we go about making this request of Apple? Is there a specific feedback URL for this sort of issue?

There you are.

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I submitted the following feedback to Apple. Others should feel free to copy and paste it into the Pages feedback form ( and customise accordingly. We know Apple does often listen to its customers eventually so let’s put the pressure on so we can use our two favorite programs together!

Thanks David. Actually, probably a better request to make of them is for better RTF support. If Pages’ RTF support didn’t strip page breaks, headers and footers, footnotes, comments and images then there would be no problem - you could go between Pages and Scrivener in the same way you do Word, using the RTF format as currency. Unfortunately, while Pages fully supports the .doc and .docx formats (whereas Scrivener has to use the Apple-providers exporters for those which strip various features), although it supports RTF it loses all of these features. Scrivener’s RTF support is built on the Apple-provided importer/exporter (which by default would strip many of these features too), except that I’ve modified it to add support for footnotes, comments, images, headers and footers and so forth. If I can hack these features on then you can bet that it would take an Apple Pages coder a few days at most to implement all of these into the Pages translators.

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I just submitted a bug report, since Pages allows the import of RTF, but does not implement it properly. Here is what I entered as the “bug”: