Pages vs Nisus - do I really need Nisus?

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I’m a very new user of Scrivener and I already know I will use it A LOT :slight_smile: But I need some real world text editor for it to make the final “product”. And I already HAVE Pages '09 along with iWork. I’ve seen here a huge recommendation for Nisus Writer, but I’m thinking if I really need it if I own Pages already. The question is, do I need them BOTH or maybe Pages alone is well enough?

Ideally, I’d really like to work on RTF format almost exclusively. Because 1) I hate 10 000 different formats and problems with converting them and RTF looks like the most standard format out there 2) it’s great to work with Scrivener and 3) DEVONthink (which I’m a new user as well) also works with RTF I think. That’s a huge advantage of Nisus.

I’m definitely not a full time WRITER, so I’m still not sure if I really need multiple word processors. The Pages ability to make “good looking” documents probably outgrows Nisus abilities in this area - so I’ll use Pages surely for “beautiful” projects. The question is where Nisus would be a really better choice?

And there’s one more “advantage” of Nisus - they offer beautiful 39$ price for students! Of course Pages advantage is that I already own it… you can threat it as 0$ price :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? It would be great if you could tell me what things Pages CAN’T do which Nisus can. Huge thanks in advance!


Pages cannot import footnotes from RTFs exported from Scrivener, so if you’re looking to do any footnotes in Scrivener and be able to use them in Pages, you’re out of luck. This is because of Pages’ lacklustre RTF importing, which might contain further limitations that other people might be able to tell you about.

Yes, the major drawback of Pages is simply its poor compatibility with any program other than Word. Apple have firmly placed it as an “alternative” only for those who need to write nice-looking documents that can be shared with users. It does not have Word’s range of format compatibility and fails to be compatible with any program that offers complex formatting that does not fully support Word’s formats.

In short, Pages loses footnotes, comments and images (and headers and footers) when it opens or saves RTF files. If the documents you are writing won’t have any footnotes, comments or images in them, then you can happily continue to use Pages and it will work well with Scrivener and other programs. But if you need these features in your documents, then Pages just isn’t built to work with any other program than Word.

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In response to your PM I would simply quote everything KB says. Pages meets my needs because my needs are very simple. If you need footnotes then you would not want to use Pages with Scrivener.

Which is my way of saying buy Nisus or Millel (sp) if you need anything more complicated than a simple doc.

Thanks a lot guys! You gave me a piece of great advice! As soon as I’ll finish testing other programs like Scrivener (not bought yet! :slight_smile: and DEVONthink I’ll install a trial of Nisus and play with it a bit. But I think I’ll buy it. I just have to figure out my full workflow practically from the scratch, cause two apps like Scrivener and DEVONthink can change EVERYTHING :wink: